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Tripbooker Software Services

Tripbooker Software has been designed Bus Hire Comparison Pty Ltd, to assist the education sector in ensuring they get the best possible value for their coach bookings. The years of experience gleaned in the Australian group transportation market together with thousands of supply partners have given CoachHire a unique insight into many aspects of booking transportation.

Why Use Tripbooker

There are many advantages to be gained using Tripbooker, with the primary one being to assist in the booking of group transportation.

Over the years we have seen instances of the person who has been nominated to book the vehicles for universities, schools, or other education requirements doesn’t possess the right experience. In some cases they don’t always know the questions they should be asking or how to get the right price.

Most large establishments have more than one person booking vehicles for various trips and excursions for different departments at the same time. The overall cost across different departments can be considerable, given that prices can vary as much as 40%.

So potentially these costs could be vastly reduced by using one booking service so you can secure the best possible prices and services combined. Tripbooker is a great way to ensure you follow common purchasing policies and give your school or university the best possible value.

How it Works

Tripbooker Software Services

The Tripbooker software will automatically send quotes to six local operators from your area that have vehicles to suit your exact requirements for each individual trip. These operators then respond with their prices which you can see on the software’s portal area. Then selection is made much easier.

As well as giving you the best possible price, the software will keep a record of all bookings and prices to ensure that you have followed all policies concerning purchasing. Detailed reports can also be run from the software so all relevant departments of your school or university have accurate information to hand for reference.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Engaging a group transportation company for your next school or university trip can be tricky. And the most important factor is that the students get to the event and back as safely as possible.

Have you remembered to check to ask for public liability insurance, or safety certificates? With Tripbooker you can feel at rest, all our supply partners are regularly visited and vetted by our operations team to ensure they follow best practices and have the legal documentation and certification.

All this information can be viewed online, so you can see if each individual operator adheres to your particular transport standards. This information proves that you have followed the necessary duty of care obligations.

Tripbooker software offers a superb way for your college, university, or school to save money and have the security of the knowledge that only the most reputable transport companies are responsible for your students safety.

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