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Top Road Trips in Australia

There is an old adage that says roads were made for journeys and not destinations. Possibly it was coined by somebody that loves road trips, and enjoys the open road. Australia is a marvelous place for road trip as once you get out of the congested cities there is relatively little traffic on the major routeways.

Add to this the extensive coastline that the massive country has, scenic views are to be found everywhere. A great road trip can stay with you forever and leave everlasting memories.

CoachHire offer all manner of excursions and bespoke road trips, where you do not even have to drive your own vehicle.

Here are some of the greatest journeys that you can undertake in Australia by road. And they feature stretches of road from the east to the west coast.

Cairns to Brisbane

This breathtaking east coast drive is just under 2,000km long and takes in some of the most stunning ocean views facing the Coral Sea.

Along the way you can see wonderful natural highlights including, the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, and of course the Great Barrier Reef.

Following the coast gives the traveller plenty of opportunities to stop and partake in all manner of activities. Such as bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, and scuba diving. Also along the route is the historical town of Seventeen Seventy where Captain Cook first landed in Australia.

The Savannah Way

This cross country journey will take you from Broome in Western Australia to Cairns in Queensland in the east. It is 3,000km epic road trip and is known as an adventure drive. It passes through some amazing country where you can see Milla Milla Falls, Undara Lava Tubes, Cobbold Gorge, and the fantastic Boodjamulla National Park.

If you have never experienced the magnificence of Australia’s tropical Savannah this journey is a great way to see it.

Broome to Perth

Broome to Perth takes around just 24 hours to complete non stop. It is a 2,230km journey through Western Australia. The first leg of the journey takes you along the coast where you can stop off and see the amazing Cable beach.

Continuing on you will pass through the Pinnacles Desert and see the desolation of this huge country. There are ample opportunities to swim with whales and spot Giant Manta Rays on this great sojourn.

The advantage of this particular road trip is that few tourists ever attempt it, and you can observe the superb wildlife and nature without any crowds.

If any of these wonderful road trips interest you then contact CoachHire and see what great excursions we can offer.
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